Scott Parkinson Announces Campaign For U.S. Senate

Arlington, VA- Scott Parkinson issued the following statement regarding Virginia’s 2024 United States Senate race against Senator Tim Kaine:

“Today I enthusiastically announce my campaign for the United States Senate in Virginia. I am grateful for the prayers, support, and encouragement I’ve received from nearly 1,000 people that I’ve spoken with throughout the testing the waters phase of this process. It’s time to step up and make a difference.

“I’m a father, husband, and neighbor. And over the past three years, we needed leaders to stand up and fight for our freedoms. Unfortunately, Tim Kaine fought alongside radical leftists to take our freedoms away and destroy the middle class, prioritize woke ideologies over parents’ rights, and enable open-border policies and violent crimes while turning his back on law enforcement causing a public safety crisis. Kaine’s leftward lunge began when he joined Hillary Clinton on the ticket as the Vice Presidential nominee in 2016. With nearly 30 years in elected office and nine appearances on the ballot Kaine has lost his way, going from “Blue Dog” to a partisan radical that votes with Bernie Sanders 94% of the time. 

“We feel it now at the kitchen table, the gas station, and the cancelled family vacation. Virginia cannot afford 94% of Socialism.  

“It’s time for new conservative leaders like me to fight back against career politicians like Tim Kaine and Joe Biden. I look forward to meeting with tens of thousands of my fellow Virginians on the campaign trail and sharing my vision fighting for families and fighting for our freedoms. I pledge to work with all Virginians to increase public safety in our communities, strengthen parental rights in the classroom, and rescue the Middle Class from an economic crisis. Governor Youngkin designed the blueprint to end the Democrats’ control in Richmond. Now, that blueprint will be applied to fire Tim Kaine.”

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Scott knows politicians like Tim Kaine and Joe Biden have waged an outright war on the Middle Class. 

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